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Device and tool requirements

Tip: If you are still in development, you can see the Device Management-compatible devices on our boards page.

This chapter explains the device and tool requirements for development and production. It covers:

  • Requirements for production devices

    This section discusses the hardware (such as CPU and RAM) and software (such as storage and TLS) requirements for production devices.

  • Network configuration considerations

    This section looks at network configuration considerations, including domain access and connecting devices behind a NAT.

  • Tool requirements

    This section explains the tool, account and hardware requirements for using Device Management Client for development. It then looks at Mbed CLI and pip compatibility and provides notes for both Mbed CLI and toolchains. The section concludes by discussing the option of using a virtual environment to install tools and run tutorials. This keeps the tools’ dependencies isolated from the rest of your environment, so you can have more than one version installed at a time.